MobileJira launched at the Windows App Store

Talentica’s Mobile Team recently launched the Windows version of the popular MobileJira App. The App, which is already available in the Android Play Store, is useful for all IT professionals who use Jira to track issues, bugs, tasks or deadlines for their projects.

Loaded with unique features, MobileJira is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It is targeted towards improving productivity and process compliance of testers, developers and managers. It helps manage JIRA tickets on the go for requirements like progress-update/resolve or close issues. It also supports major functionalities like search, issue details, updating work log/comments and view attachment.

MobileJira supports JIRA® 5.0 or later. It’s based on JIRA® REST API’s and requires the JIRA® server to run as a service. More details are available at Running JIRA as a Service.

Visit the Windows App Store to download the app.

Feel free to send in your feedback or suggestions at to help us further improve the app.

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