Comparing productivity of node.js frameworks

Our mission is to compare the node.js frameworks on productivity.

In one of my previous blogs I have benchmark the various node.js frameworks performance against native http call and native mongodb driver and native combination was clear winner in term of performance.

so, Why not use only native http and native mongodb driver. well one of the the key aspect and usp of node.js frameworks is that they provide lot of abstractions and as a developer you don’t have to write boiler plate , repetitive code . so lets see what our research has come up with against this concept. Continue reading

Comparing performance of node.js frameworks

Our mission is to compare the node.js frameworks on performance (completed no of requests per second).

Node.js performance tests were performed on the Ubuntu subsystem(2 core , 2 GB RAM) on a VM provisioned from Digital Ocean. The tests only utilize the most basic capabilities of the frameworks in question, therefore the main goal was to show the relative overhead these frameworks add to the handling of a request. This is not a test of the absolute performance as this will vary greatly depending on the environment and network conditions. This test also doesn’t cover the utility each framework provides and how this enables complex applications to be built with them. Continue reading

Creating your first Node.js application with Node-Data

In this blog, we will learn how to create a Node.js application with Node-Data. Let’s assume that you are building an application for blogs and you want to create REST APIs which can be used by a front-end/mobile application.

    • Create blogs into database
    • Update blogs into database
    • Delete blogs from database
    • Find and fetch a blog using any existing blog ID from the database

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