How to communicate with an OPD Partner?

Having spent 14+yrs working exclusively with start-ups and being a part of product development life cycles for over 30 startup products, I have observed reluctance from founders to outsource the core engineering part of their product. When I tried to dig out the reasons behind their reluctance most feedbacks pointed towards communication overhead, pace of the development and deviation from the expected outcome. But when I analysed further, I realised that those were only the consequences of the communication gap which in turn is a primary concern.  Continue reading

Why to Unit Test your Software

Today I will discuss about the topic many developers don’t want to talk about and think like “Why do I have to do it if we have a dedicated team for that? We should focus on some other thing rather than wasting time on it”. If you guessed “Testing”! Then you are right.

We will be discussing about “Testing” more specifically “Unit testing”. Continue reading