Creating your first Node.js application with Node-Data

In this blog, we will learn how to create a Node.js application with Node-Data. Let’s assume that you are building an application for blogs and you want to create REST APIs which can be used by a front-end/mobile application.

    • Create blogs into database
    • Update blogs into database
    • Delete blogs from database
    • Find and fetch a blog using any existing blog ID from the database

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OpenCV with extra modules

This blog details building an openCV using extra modules, mainly the opencv_contirb, in Windows.


  1. Download and install Visual Studio 2015 and CMake.
    NOTE: By default, C++ is not installed in Visual Studio 2015. After basic installation, modify the installation by following the path : Programming Language -> C++)
  2. Download and install the following Python packages to their default locations:

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Nuances of Riemann


Riemann is a next generation Open-Source Push-Based monitoring system, which is designed to scale vertically and horizontally with the infrastructure, making it a good choice for monitoring elastic infrastructure. Riemann provides transient shared state for system with many moving parts. Riemann aggregates events from the servers and applications with a powerful stream processing language.   Continue reading