SDN Captive Portal

Captive portal is a networking solution which performs authentication of the users before granting them network access. It secures the network from unwanted and unauthorized access by providing a landing web page where all the browser’s requests from an unauthenticated user are redirected and authentication is performed. Traditionally a captive portal solution is implemented on the networking device itself by enabling the device to redirect the browser’s requests from unauthenticated users. In a SDN environment we can separate the logic from the device to a centralized controller platform and write our own applications for networking solutions. In this post we explain a captive portal solution for Software Defined Networking (SDN) infrastructure. Continue reading

OpenDaylight with Mininet

OpenDaylight(ODL) is an open source Software Defined Networking (SDN) controller platform which provides a number of ready-to-install features for networking solutions. It also provides a platform to develop our own features. Mininet is an open source network emulator which runs a collection of end hosts and network devices which are created using software to make a single system look like a real network.  This blog post describes step by step instructions to use ODL controller with mininet. Continue reading

QoS using OpenDaylight

OpenFlow provides limited support for QoS using queues and meters. Most of the software switches support queues. Queues are created and configured outside the OpenFlow protocol. OpenFlow provides the implementation to the controller to use these queues in the flows. In this blog post, we explain how to use queues in OpenFlow 1.3 and implement QoS in a network topology created using mininet and OpenDaylight(ODL) controller. Continue reading