Get One-Click end user feedback straight to Engineering to build better products

In this blog, I would like to share my thoughts on capturing end-user feedback, and how to bring it straight to Engineering team to build better products.

Why End-user feedback matters?

There are many reasons why end-user feedback matters. Personally you may also have found feedback form as a means to voice your opinion and ideas, and engage with the product. Few reasons why I think end-user feedback matters are below.

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Creating daily status updates email from JIRA


My client has always preferred reading an email at the start of his day that summarizes all the work his dev team was up to the night before. We call it the status mail. It usually contains the list of tasks we have worked on, containing its full description along with our comments/status on that day. Such reports are favorites among clients who are non-technical or who cannot afford to spend time in JIRA, as they get all updates in one go. But, of course, this is beneficial only for a team size of 5-20 members. Any more than that, the mail itself becomes too long to read. Continue reading