Develop an Android Library – Part 1

What is a Library?

What does a “library” mean in programming world?
“ A library is a precompiled code and resources that can be used in other projects easily “

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Why Angular 2

Early this year, I began on a self-righteous (but approved, of course 😉 ) journey to make things right for my project — to break all shackles and limitations that the team faces in working with older technologies, methodologies and guidelines. When I started off, my aim was to make as minimal-but-essential changes to the system as possible, keeping in mind that my project is a live one, having at least 100 MegaBytes of code, with around 16 developers contributed to this application — in batches, of course — in the past 8 years, each having their own signature style of coding. Needless to say, there were more than a few tasks for research in this journey of mine.

One such, important analysis was to decide what UI methodology should the team adopt going forward. This blog post will focus on the analyses and decision-making process that made it happen and finally helped me decide on Angular 2.

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Building your own Micro framework


Javascript is a well known language for building powerful web applications. Programmers can leverage its huge potential with frameworks built on top of javascript libraries. Frameworks empower us to follow a good, consistent design pattern and provide ease of development with pre-built libraries for commonly used operations. Some such popular frameworks are Angularjs, Backbone.js, React.js, which are being used aggressively for building complex web application. This blog post describes steps to build another such javascript framework from scratch. Continue reading

Prototypal Inheritance in JavaScript


JavaScript is the most widely used programming language, however a large number of programmers keep working with JavaScript without knowing the nuances of it. Inheritance support in JavaScript is another such feature which often confuses programmers who learn JavaScript as their secondary programming language and come from OOP background like C# and Java.

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