Importance of Interrupt Testing on mobile applications


Many-a-times I face problems that happens due to interruption on mobile application. But have you guys ever wondered why these problems happen?

In this blog, let’s discuss the below topics to understand interruptions, its impact and how mobile applications can handle such interruptions.

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Verify your SSL, TLS & Ciphers implementation

Secure Sockets Layer(SSL) verification helps us to identify any issue with certification and cipher suites. This verification must be performed on a regular basis. There are multiple ways to check SSL certificate. However, testing through online tools provides you with useful information. The main advantage is that it helps you test the SSL for issues in the initial stages itself.

NOTE: An incorrectly configured SSL/TLS can make your website vulnerable.

This blog details SSL server test by using the online tool SSL Labs by Qualys. Continue reading

Design pattern of the day – Memento

Definition and use case from (

Memento is a Behavioral Pattern( Used to manage algorithms, relationships, and responsibilities between objects ) .

Allows for capturing and externalizing an object’s internal state so that it can be restored later, all without violating encapsulation. Continue reading

Google Developer Days – India 2017 (#GDDIndia)

Google Developer Days (GDD) are global events showcasing the latest developer products and platforms from Google. This year’s event was organized at the Bangalore International Exhibition Center, India. From what I hear, there were many registrations and I was one of the lucky few to get confirmed. This was by far the biggest Google event in India with over 100 Googlers. Continue reading

Contrast enhancement for grayscale images


A grayscale image captures the intensity of light in pixels. In digital image processing, intensity values are discrete integers ranging from 0 as the lowest intensity or darkest, to 255 as the highest intensity or brightest. As opposed to RGB images with numerous color variations, disparity between darkness and brightness or namely contrast is the only distinguishing factor among pixels for grayscale images. Hence it is vital to have a good contrast to accurately capture information and better visualize features.

In this blog, we will deal with an example where contrast is low. We will then define histogram to measure and use a few techniques to enhance contrast. While aiming to capture edges as image feature, we will demonstrate the impact an image with a good contrast has on this process. Continue reading