Hash based ECMP load balancing algorithm


Data center networks every so often use compactly interconnected topologies to deliver high bandwidth for internal data exchange. In such network, it is precarious to employ effective load balancing schemes so that all the available bandwidth resources can be utilized. In order to utilize all the available bandwidth traffic need to be routed across the network instead of overloading a single path. Equal Cost Multipath (ECMP) enable the usage of multiple equal cost paths from the source node to the destination node in the network. The advantage of using this algorithm is that the traffic can be split more uniformly to the whole network avoiding congestion and increasing bandwidth consumption. Continue reading

Docker? It’s Easy If You Do It Smart


We all must have heard of docker but why and where exactly we need to use it, is still confusing. Also this question arises why we need to adopt this new technology if virtual machines already do the job.

Well, first of all we need to understand that, docker containers are not replacement of virtual machines. Both have got their own use case. In reality, both are complementary technologies—as hardware virtualization and containerization each have their distinct qualities and can be used in tandem for combinatoric benefits. Continue reading