Kafka Benchmarking

Kafka Introduction

Before understand the Kafka bench-marking, let me give a quick brief of what Kafka is and a few details about how it works. Kafka is a distributed messaging system originally built at LinkedIn and now part of Apache Software Foundation and used by variety of companies.

The general setup is quite simple. Producers send records to the cluster which holds on to these records and hands them out to consumers: Continue reading

HIDS Implementation using Ossec


Let suppose one of our clients want us to monitor its infrastructure of more than 60 servers. Basically a centralized syslog server should do the work, but to analyze so much data, syslog wasn’t sufficient. Instead we installed OSSec.

1.1 What is HIDS

A host-based intrusion detection system (HIDS) is a system that monitors a computer system on which it is installed to detect an intrusion and/or misuse, and responds by logging the activity and notifying the designated authority. A HIDS can be thought of as an agent that monitors and analyzes whether anything or anyone, whether internal or external, has circumvented the system’s security policy. Continue reading