What’s new in Node-Data 2.0

Node-Data is an open source framework built by Talentica. Node-Data is a Node.js JavaScript framework for fast and reliable development of next generation apps and micro-services targeting scale. We have now released the second version of Node-Data.

Multiple products are using Node-Data in production. Following are some use cases for Node-Data:

  • Starting a new Node.js application
    • Focus on business and building reliable features
    • Build and release features quickly
    • Refactor and change design later but don’t want application to stop doing that (don’t want developers to ask for weeks to change since its java script)
    • don’t want to loose node and java script’s dynamic nature and scaling
  • Want to build multiple databases application but don’t want to write heterogeneous code (different code for different databases)
    • Today most of applications are interacting with multiple databases(sql , nosql, search , graph) , for different Need and purposes
    • It could become a massive pain to manage such a heterogeneous code.
    • With Node-Data developers can write homogeneous code for different Database

For above scenario , in node-data you can  write homogeneous code

Node-Data is not an ORM , It’s a API framework over existing ORMs which allows you do achieve this.

  • Want to rewrite an existing web application (java-spring, .net ) in node.js to leverage the scaling ,performance and dynamic nature of node
    • But worry about production readiness of node.js (heard nightmare stories)
    • JS and node can’t replace java and spring (feature wise , stability wise )
    • worry about new hiring Or reskilling existing team
    • development will be slow (due to JavaScript)

Lot of features from spring /entity framework has been copied into Node-Data, these features are tested and improved in last one year and they are high performing and reliable. The developers needs to learn and reskill themselves but Node-Data will make sure their journey is smooth, they remain productive while reskilling, they can produce reliable and fast code even though they not become master of ecosystem.

  • Want to build a high scaling backend for consumer facing app
    • need to support 10k request per second
    • need lightweight/responsive APIs
    • need heavy-duty backgrgound workers but with same code base
    • Want to focus on app and data more and less on backend code but still want to control backend code, still want to write business logic ,security , isolations
  • Building an micro service in an enterprise grade solution
    • Highly Available services
    • in built messaging
    • Multi-processing , IPC
    • spring like security and entity manger

If you want to know more check out the our github

Or visit our main page


If you want to try out your self , check out this template


For step by step creation of first node-data application follow this blog.


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