Schedule Daily EC2 instance stop using CloudWatch Events


Infra/Dev-ops team do have instance created for POC/Demo/testing purpose which we need to stop daily (office off-hours) or during weekends for cost saving purpose. As this adds an overhead for us to daily stop the instance manually before leaving office and sometimes we might forget to stop the instance which again will add up the cost.So there was a demand to automate this process in order to save cost.


Now we have a feature in AWS to schedule a job in CloudWatch Events to stop a running instance daily or during weekend which is used for POC/Demo/testing purpose without any manual intervention.


I have to schedule it for one of my POC “poc_rundeck” instance to stop automatically daily during office off hours say after 9pm IST which will help us in saving cost .

Step One—Create a Rule

click on “create role” in CloudWatch Events Rules


Step Two—Schedule a Cron inside Rule

Select Schedule


Set Cron expression to ” 30 15 * * ? * ” , In this use case we have set it to 15:30 GMT which is 9:00 PM IST . Link about CloudWatch Events schedules.


Step Three – Add Targets

Click “Add target”


Select “Built-in target”


Set Action as “Stop an EC2 instance”


Select the instance ID of machine to stop


Add another Target “SNS topic” for email Notification


Set the Topic to which you wish to send notification, In this use-case we select “infra”


Step 4 —Configure Details


Enter name and description and set State to Enabled as shown.


Give AWS Permissions by either creating a new role or selecting the existing role as shown.


Click “create rule” to complete the configuration step.


You will see a new rule created “rundeck_stop” and schedule in Rules dashboard


Detail View of Rule created


“poc-rundeck” Instance gets stop automatically at 9 pm IST


If you plan to work late night in office on your POC instance you can disable the rule by editing it in order to avoid instance getting stopped by CloudWatch events.

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