Wheat – Mobile Functional Test Automation using RedwoodHQ & Appium

How many of you have done mobile functional test automation? I am sure many.

How many of you have done it by handwritten code? I am sure many.

How many of you have faced a need of ability to manage & reuse the test cases in a much better and brainless way? I am sure many.

How many of you have used a test management tool with a test automation tool to achieve this? I am sure only a few (I actually searched very vast on Google to get a reference before starting this project, however not even a single line of code was shared anywhere).

Here comes Wheat; a bridge between Appium & RedwoodHQ. Wheat allows you to create & reuse your test cases in RedwoodHQ in more usable way (drag-and-drop) and have them getting executed in mobile emulators or devices via Appium.

Many of you would think why the name “Wheat”. Well the reason is like wheat grain, mobile functional automation have  become such a basic need of today’s development environment, you cannot have a better name for this integration.

Why Wheat:

Mobile functional automation with given tools (Appium, Selendroid, etc.) have steep learning curve for test engineer. It also require each and every test case to be hand coded, which takes lots of time of a test engineer. These entry barriers makes it difficult to adopt the existing tools for mobile functional automation.


Our objective was to reduce/remove these entry barriers and allow test engineers to happily accept and continuously use mobile functional automation in daily testing routines.

What is Wheat:

Wheat bridges Action/Keyword based test case and test suites creation (using RedwoodHQ) with cross platform mobile functional automation (using Appium) to make mobile functional automation as easy as drag-and-drop. Wheat extends its offering by providing extra features for Interruption Testing, Programmable scroll-and-find-element which is not provided by traditional tools (Appium, Selendroid, etc.) out of the box.

Using Wheat, test case creation and execution can be done by any test engineer without any language knowledge required. Because of the easy drag-and-drop, Wheat makes is super quick to create Test Cases & Suites steeply reducing the time barrier. Best part is, it is still cross platform so the same test case/suite may run for Android & iOS apps further reducing the testing time and increase reliability.


Higher Test Coverage in short time with no learning curve:
Wheat allows:-
1. Mobile functional automation
2. Greatly reduced time in creating and executing functional automation test cases
3. No learning curve
4. Cross platform test case execution.

These features benefits the client with superior reliability and higher test coverage while keeping the testing cost low and allowing faster time to market.

Check it out

Github Wheat

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